Dial idol software to vote januarisman ayuuk

DialIdol is both the name of a computer program for Microsoft Windows and its associated website that tracks voting trends for American Idol contestants. The program allows users to automatically vote for the American Idol contestants of their choice using their PC's modem. The program then reports back to the main website, which keeps track of the results based on the percentage of calls for each contestant that result in a busy signal. DialIdol assumes that more busy signals means more callers are attempting to vote for that contestant.[1] DialIdol was created during the fourth season of American Idol and was released to the public at the start of the fifth season.ImageHost.org

Users can choose to vote equally for their chosen contestants, choose to keep certain contestants "safe" (by voting for their chosen contestant who is ranked the lowest), or choose to keep certain contestants "unsafe" (by voting for the lowest-ranked contestant who is not on their list).

In addition to American Idol, the software may also be used to vote for Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. In 2006, DialIdol also supported Celebrity Duets and Canadian Idol.
* DialIdol is free & safe software you can use to speed dial votes for your favorite contestants.

* DialIdol measures the busy signal to predict who will be voted off.

o DialIdol was 91% accurate for season 6 of American Idol.

o DialIdol has accurately predicted the winner of every American Idol season it has covered.

* DialIdol works with many major shows that allow phone voting.

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