gPs on blackJack ii and motorola Q 9

In the April ‘08 issue, a short article ap-
peared on page 12 comparing the BlackJack
II to the Motorola Q 9. I noticed one bit of in-
formation that seemed to be missing from the
comparison, regarding the differences between
the GPS capabilities of the two devices.
Based on my research, the Q 9 uses AGPS
and the BlackJack II has a traditional GPS
receiver built into it. The difference is that
AGPS uses the cell site triangulation to get
the location, where traditional GPS uses the
GPS satellite signals.
AGPS has the added benefts of being faster
and working better inside buildings. Of course,
if the user goes way off the beaten path and
loses their cell signal, they lose the AGPS ca-
pability as well. But for most people, this is
not a big concern.
I feel that it’s worth a footnote for those
who are considering using their phone as a
navigational aid.

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