How to gain more traffic

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Here i give you Tips to Get More Traffic
1.Submit to search engines There are many people offering to get you listed on search engines quickly for a price. Firstly there is no quick way, each website that is submitted to search engines gets crawled and added at the same pace as any other blog or site. Why pay when you can do it yourself. Which Search engines should i submit to?

2. Submit to Directories Directories are like sub-domanins of search engines, and there are thousands out there,

3. Ping your site Whate are pings Pinging is telling the search engines and directories you have updated your blog/site.

4.Get a free account at and register your blog

5. Advertise your blog on Msn Sign up for a My MSN at
6. Get your blog listed on Yahoo quicker Sign up for a My Yahoo
7.Atract visitors with similar interests Search out blog

8. Update content regularly Make a blog post or website content as often as possible
9. Make sure your site is user friendly free seo report is amazing, it tells you what you need to do with your website to improve its search engine ranking,

10. Persevere Never get complacent, anyone can come along and knock you off your spot,

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