Nyoba Now sms

Start sms using now sms , you can download the free trial here,
Mau nyoba sms gateway  coba aja now sms, enak pengoperasiannya, bisa buat iseng ngerjain temen juga,
The Now SMS/MMS Gateway is an easy-to-install SMS Gateway, MMS Gateway, WAP Push Gateway and Multimedia Messaging Center (MMSC) for Windows NT/2000/XP. Highlight features of the Now SMS/MMS Gateway include dynamic content adaptation and conversion for any MMS content; bi-directional e-mail to MMS gateway; 2-way SMS and MMS application support; operator independent WAP Push support; and much more. For more information, including a free evaluation version of the product, visit
kalo mau sms tinggal arahin browser kamu di http://localhost:8800/
tinggal deh sms jreng jreng. bisa ngirim format mcem macem juga, asyik deh.
Nih dia screen shootnya

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