remote desktop from anywhere with the rEdFly

After using the REDFLY for a couple of days, there were still some
things I couldn’t do. Not only do the mobile versions PowerPoint and
some other applications lack the features of their desktop PC coun-
terparts, there are many PC applications I use on a regular basis (e.g.,
Microsoft Project, Visio, Expression, and Visual Studio) that aren’t
available for Windows Mobile. However, I was certainly impressed
with the device, and I could picture myself taking the REDFLY to
brief meetings, on day trips, and maybe quick overnight trips. But I
couldn’t see myself leaving behind my laptop for extended trips, let
alone replacing my laptop with a REDFLY altogether. That is, until
I tried connecting to a Terminal Server using Remote Desktop on
the REDFLY. By confguring the Remote Desktop Client to display
in full screen mode, and setting the option to ft the remote desktop
to the screen, I discovered a very seamless experience where I was
able to run instances of both Windows Server 2003 and Windows
Vista in a native 800 x 480 resolution display. The performance of
the high-speed HSDPA wireless connection on my smartphone was
more  than adequate  to run all but  the most graphic-intensive ap-plications. While there was a certain amount of latency, the more
that I used Remote Desktop on the REDFLY, the more that I began
to get used to the lag.
The experience was not perfect, but it was good enough to chal-
lenge my assumptions. On a recent three-day trip, my $2000 Alien-
ware laptop never left its case. I lived on my smartphone, and when
I needed a larger screen to read long documents or a bigger key-
board to type extended amounts of text, I pulled out the REDFLY.
Whenever I needed to run an application that I didn’t have on my
smartphone, rather than bothering to boot up my laptop, I used the
REDFLY to simply connect to my Terminal Server at the offce or
my Vista machine at home using Remote Desktop. While I am the
frst to argue for the importance of connection-independent mobile
smart-client applications, especially for specifc  line-of-business
purposes, I fnd it very diffcult to criticize the usability and sheer
simplicity of running Remote Desktop on the REDFLY. Given the
enterprise trends towards thin-client architecture (whether it be Ter-
minal Services or Citrix), and the cost of deploying and managing
laptops vs. a Windows Mobile smartphone/REDFLY combo, I can’t
imagine enterprise IT not giving the REDFLY a second look.

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