samsung sgh-i780

This model was the most interesting Windows
Mobile  device  at  the  show,  particularly  for
fans of smartphones with thumb keyboards on
the face of  the device (like  the Treo, Black-
Berry, and some Windows Mobile

The SGH-i780 is a
big step ahead of the other square-
screen Windows Mobile devices in
that it has a larger-resolution (320
x 320 as opposed  to 240 x 240)
square screen and  the  latest-and-
greatest  PXA310 Marvell  CPU.
The downside of this device is that
the square screen is not compatible with most legacy games, the battery life isn’t
great, and it includes a touchpad instead of a
hardware D-pad. For a more detailed review,
go to our blogs and search on “SGH-i780.”

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