SNMP protocol configuration

we will study the usage MRTG to watch the storey;level of usage of bandwidth network from each;every existing PC client in a[n network
 Article MRTG have have been studied [at] last Special CHIP edition [is] which have theme " Networking". In the article studied [by] the way of making MRTG to watch a[n interface in network. Differ from the Special CHIP, this [of] CHIP invite You exploit MRTG as watcher utilisasi [of] each;every PC client in using network
 Idea from just this article in fact modestly. You'D activate the protocol SNMP in each interface network card [in] PC client. Hereinafter, You activate the MRTG [of] [at] one of [the] PC ( may also [at] server) henceforth note the utilisasi from each;every PC client. In this way, You can see the particular client owning high utilisasi in network usage. This information can be used as [by] a consideration upgrade the infratruktur from PC client and also network. just Taking example [of] client using interface Ethernet 100 Mbps seen almost always have the maximum utilisasi. In the case, [doing/conducting] to upgrade to higher level interface, like Gigabit 1000 Mbps, can be made [by] consideration
 By the end of article, CHIP also will study a few/little way of more informative making inter-face web to watch all Your client 1. Installation Perl
 Perl represent the Ianguage used by MRTG. Unhappily, he [is] not made available by native in Windows. Become, You have to beforehand meng-install Perl. On trial, CHIP use the Activeperl version 5.8.7 brand Activestate (, [in] CHIP-DVD
 Open the file ZIP and run the file " installer.bat". You'D be given on to [by] some question [of] related to installation configuraton from Perl. After finishing installation, ascertaining directory "\ Perl\Bin" have come into the Your path Windows
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