three-in-one charging systems

Perhaps  the most versatile option  for  the mobile user  is a  three-in-
one charging system. This type of system, available from a number of
manufacturers, lets you charge your device from an AC outlet, a DC
outlet (like a car’s cigarette lighter or the power port available on many
airlines) and a PC’s USB port. Some products even  include foreign
adapter plugs and support the higher voltages used in some countries.
Three-in-one solutions cover almost every  type of power source and
let you recharge your device just about anywhere.
VersaCharger Pro from the Boxwave Corporation is one of my fa-
vorite three-in-one solutions. It connects to an AC outlet or plugs into
a vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter and provides power to your device
through a USB port. An optional “airplane adapter” lets you connect
VersaCharger Pro to the proprietary power outlets available on some
airlines. (According  to, 125,000 seats on 40 different
airlines have  these power outlets.) Boxwave has found  that many of
the sync cables  that ship with  the newer devices  (like  the Moto Q,
AT&T Tilt, and T-Mobile Dash) are not capable of working as a charg-
ing adapter, so you might need their miniSync or DirectSync cable to
connect your device to VersaCharger Pro.

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