Blue foot bobies

The idiots Blue-With the feet of idiots are among the marine birds most attractive to see in Galapagos. The idiots blue-with the feet are in particular communal ground and can be fitment seen in the rocks close to the shore on the majority of the islands. They share a certain number of common features with their cousins, the idiots red-with the feet and idiots masked, including the eyes towards theacute ones which the stereo vision. This gives them the aspect to be cross-country race-eyed when head seen above. This idiotic aspect, like their dance of strange coupling, carried out the Spaniards to call them the sores (clowns), consequently the named boobie. While their aspect can be idiotic, they are the spectacular and daring hunters. Their projectile-formed body evolved/moved to allow them a model far from common fishing. Fish of spot under surface, they plunge to high speed in water and folding they of the wings right before the entry, because the adjacent photograph, compartment sunken of James on Santiago, watch. The stereo vision enables them to follow the water of the fish bottom. An axiom of ecology declares that the closely dependent species found in the same area must occupy various ecological places. The three species of the idiots illustrate this principle well. Each of the three species is similar in the face and differs only slightly in the proportion, although they are easily distinguished by colouring. Each of three fish in a similar way; however, they fish in various areas. the idiots Blue-with the feet fish close to the shore, the masked idiots fish at the intermediate distances, and red-pay fish far outside with the sea. The three species also nest in various sectors. Blue-pay the nest on the low rocks close to the shore, idiots masked on higher cliffs, and red pays it in the trees in the islands more insulation. Thus there is no competition between these species.
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