Post The blog Using BlogJet

Just like another blog publish tool like scribe or any add on, Blog Jet 2.0 gives you a simple way to  post, support with all blog media,
blog jet support with WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

BlogJet now stores your posts in the hiding-place, thus you can reach thousands of your posts in a flickering of an eye (even without connection). The conclusion of the posts is now easier because of the instantaneous research, which gives results while you type.

Statistics of meter and blog of word
BlogJet now has a meter of phase of mot. And with the configuration of statistics you can discover much interesting information on your blog: how much posts it has, the average length of post, and the number of posts published by days of week.

If you are on the road and it no connection Internet has there, or if you want to finish your post later, except him like outline. Then you can return to finishing and to publish it.

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