Set proxy using your-freedom

Do you have no connection. or your connection was blocked by your campuss. and you can't open your favorite sites. you can't open can't watch your favorite video.
Now it  is time to bypass your connection with proxy.i will give you tips how to set proxy with your freedomapplication, for first time download thr freedom.exe from the site. before that make sure you've already  installed  jtk runtime on your  PC.
sign up for your freedom in the your freedom site, if you have a money, you can signup for free,but your connection will disconect every 60 minutes and you can dial it again.
install the application
then click configure
Set the username and password from yourfreedom

set the proxy that you want to bypass

if you have a VPN just click the vpn
and connect and the result is like this,now you are in german
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