Google Launches Knol to Public

Now google launches Knol to  Public , And It is good news for adsense mania, they can earn money via is the Monotize wiki, it is like wikipedia but you will get earn when you post or write your articles, an alternate wiki has come,

The Largest  world 'search Engine of the   largest hopes that knols will be written on each conceivable matter extending from the gardening and the pottery to art bizantin and with the neo-classic literature.

The free service will inevitably establish comparisons with Wikipedia but Google indicates that it differs from him in several manners.

With the difference of Wikipedia, which makes it possible visitors to publish its pages, people will not be able to make modifications or to contribute to a person to the 'knol of S without their permission.

Knols written on the same subject also will remain separate and compete with for submission to the visitors, who will be able to give feedback on line. Images of the authors will be also shown on their Web pages of knol.
You can create Knols on the same object, and knol allows you to rate and review knols. here are the screen shoot of knol page.
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