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Matroska's MKV "universal" Container is described by its developers as "the extensible open standard Audio/Video Container." This translates to a multimedia Container designed to support practically any type of video or audio stream you might care to use. MKV stands for Matroska Video. The project itself is simply called Matroska.

Rather than being designed around a particular format's capabilities, Matroska's container simply provides a framework to mux and interact with audio, video, and even subtitle streams. Video commonly found in the Matroska container includes RealVideo, XviD, and more recently AVC. Audio ranges from Vorbis (OGG) to MP3 or even the original AC-3 audio from a DVD. Matroska files will sometimes have an extension of .MKA instead, indicating an audio only file - typically encoded in the Vorbis format.

How to play MKV files
1. Player: GOM Player, Zoom Player, KMPlayer
2. Use CCCP (Codec Pack)
File File mKV


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