Get $100 in Free Facebook Ads

Cara dapat Kupon 100 Dollar Gratis dari facebook Apps, Bisa Buat advertise:

1. The first think you need to do is join Facebook, if you are not already a member. You can use your existing account.

2. Next Join Clickbank to get a product to promote. You can also use any other affiliate program like: PayDotCom or CPA network like Clickbooth instead.

3. Pick a product to promote from one of the affiliate networks above. These networks have many types of products you can promote; from credit card offers, weight-loss, Online Dating, you name it.

4. Once you have selected a product to promote, log in to Facebook and click on this link to join the Visa Business Network Facebook App

After you sign up for the Visa Business Network Facebook application you will be emailed a coupon for $100 worth of Facebook ads. The email will be sent to the email address you used when you signed up for Facebook.

There will also be a link in the email directing you where to go in Facebook to create your first ad.
(Facebook will ask you to enter a credit card but they will not charge you until the $100 from the coupon is used up. You can always cancel the campaign when the $100 are used up, unless the ad is turning a profit :-)

5. That's it! Track your clicks and conversions and adjust accordingly.

PS - Facebook ads are per click (PPC), a good starting point is 23 cents per click.

NB : pas mau Ngiklanin Eh kok diminta CC , ternyata Itu Kupon Bonus 100 dolar, coba yang udah punya CC di terapin, Ntar Bisa Share Ok...


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