4shared.com, the popular file share hosting site was hacked today . redirected to another site, http://www.abcjardins.com/Hacked/.see the picture when i tried to access the site

but the affair is that the book administration website appears to accept been afraid as back users try to admission it they are redirected to addition website alleged abcjardins.com/hacked and what could this possibly mean? Yeah, you got it right: 4shared was hacked.
About three months ago we’ve apparent article agnate appear to ImageShack, addition administration website, but if on 4shared users can allotment any files, on ImageShack users can allotment alone pictures, photos, and images. At the moment it is cryptic if the websites we’re afraid by the aforementioned people, or team.
ImageShack were afraid by associates of the Anti-sec Movement who said that they action adjoin full-disclosure and that they’re attractive to eradicate it. The Anti-sec Movement appear that ImageShack was aloof the aboriginal victim and that there are added to appear as “this time anybody and aggregate is accepting owned.”

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