Motorola Xoom Compressed Land 4G LTE, AT & T

AT & T is serious about making Android devices for the company. Then offered several androids in the past, the company said it is ready for a wider range of products with the Google operating system. Xoom Motorola LTE 4G tablet is a tablet that AT & T is interested in offering.
Motorola Xoom Compressed Land 4G LTE, AT & T 

It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that the timing of this announcement is spaced closely to the time when the company loses its Apple exclusivity. However, AT&T said that this is part of the company’s long term strategy to move to faster network and get more devices that can use it to its true potential.

While Motorola Xoom is set to hit Verizon next month, the company is confident that it will head to AT&T as well – especially the 4G LTE variant of the tablet. But the company didn’t mention a specific time line of the tablet’s launch.


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