Hosting Websites Running From own Computer.

How to Host Websites running from your own computer.There are several ways you can do to make your computer into a webserver. many facilities and sofwer on intenet that provide that service. like WampServer, appserv, xampp and others. now I want to try using wamp server, just download its software on its Web site, then install wamp server, then make your server accessible to all people you should integrate your ip with a web address, there is an interesting software in such matters, this is DynDNS, register at dyndns then get your subdomain, and then you can download the DynDNS updater. with DynDNS updater , you can synchronize your ip with subdomains.Hosting Websites running from own computer.

Start all services and put it Online

like cpanel webserver or you will get the www folder in wamp directory server, the www folder is a place to put files online.
tools :
Wamp Server
Dyndns Updater

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