New features in Windows Phone 8

New features in Windows Phone 8
Microsoft officially released a smart phone operating system Windows Phone on Monday (29/10/2012). There have been many changes to the Windows Phone 8, compared to Windows Phone 7 version.
Windows Phone 8 now supports the use of multi-core processors. Not only that, Microsoft also changed the core program (kernel) on Windows Phone 8, which is now using the same kernel with Windows 8 operating system for personal computers and tablets.

Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone from Microsoft's Greg Sullivan, had previously said that Windows Phone 8 mobile phone is not just a smart phone capable of running a variety of applications. According to him, mobile Windows Phone 8 is a "computer" that can make phone calls.Well, what new features are there in Windows Phone 8? Here's the full list:

1. Using the Windows NT kernel

Previous operating system Windows Phone, version 7, using the core program (kernel) Windows CE. Kernel charge of organizing the course of a variety of applications that can be accessed by the hardware. Windows CE kernel is also used to develop Windows Mobile, Microsoft's mobile operating system prior to Windows Phone 7.Well, Windows Phone 8, Microsoft decided to no longer use the Windows CE kernel. Windows Phone 8 ended up using the Windows NT kernel, the kernel is also used in the Windows 8 operating system for computers and tablets.

This is why smart phones that were using Windows Phone 7, including the Nokia Lumia 900, can not be updated to Windows Phone 8.With this change, Windows application developers would be expected to create applications for Windows Phone 8. Developing applications for Windows Phone 8 could be done with a variety of programming languages.

2. It supports multi-core processors

Windows Phone 8 is now open to receive the multi-core processor hardware. He will support dual-core and quad-core processors. Microsoft is also set up so that the operating system is stable in terms of performance and battery life.

3. Supports three screen resolutions

Windows Phone 8 supports three display resolution technology, the WVGA (800x480 pixels), WXVGA (1280x768 pixels) and True 720p (1280x720 pixels).

4. Browser Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft said the browser application (browser) Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) on Windows Phone 8, code is very similar to IE 10 for personal computers (PC). This brings with it a security feature that can detect online data theft and SmartScreen filter, which is ready to warn users not to visit a malicious site.

5. Supports additional external memory card

So far, users of Windows Phone 7 smart phone always complain that they can not add data storage space. In Windows Phone 8, this smart phone provides a MicroSD slot to add data storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB, even 64GB.

MicroSD will help users when they want to transfer data from the phone to a personal computer.

6. A new look

Windows Phone 8 to maintain a stylish interface of Windows 8, which has characteristics such as shape checkered floors, and colorful.

However, there is little change on the Windows Phone 8. First. display boxes will fill the entire screen. Second, the display can now be arranged at the user, whether the size of the box to be reduced or enlarged.

7. NFC and the 'mobile wallet'

Windows Phone 8 will support Near Field Communication (NFC) can provide "wallet" for online users, and offers an experience of buying an object with a smart phone.

8. Digital map

Bing Maps digital map service that was previously used in the Windows Phone 7 version, will be replaced with Nokia Maps. This decision showed a "cordial" between Microsoft and Nokia, because Nokia Maps will remain on the phone other than Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 8.

9. Full support for Skype

Microsoft will integrate the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make calls or answer calls from Skype video call applications.

10. Capturing screenshots

Windows Phone 8 now has the ability to capture the current screen (screenshot), something that previously did not exist in the version of the operating system Windows Phone 7.

11. Renewal camera software

Camera software updates on Windows Phone 8 provides an instant effect and panorama features that use Microsoft's Photosynth application technology.

The camera application is also accompanied by a burst mode, which lets users take a lot of photos endlessly by holding the shutter button. After many taking photos, the camera software can give advice best photos. However, most likely this feature is only present in certain Windows mobile phone or premium.
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